Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering

Determining the causes of structural damage or the undesirable conditions—member failure, water infiltration, corrosion, excessive deflection—often requires careful investigation and knowledge about how structural materials behave.

The engineering staff at Structuretech Associates has the expertise and experience to recognize potential sources of trouble. By discussing issues with owners, building personnel, and tenants, engineers can uncover even the most hidden or indirect cause of a problem

  • Advanced Structural Analysis

  • Blast Analysis, Design, and Retrofit

  • Diagnostics & Testing Consulting

  • Due Diligence Survey

  • Fall Protection and Façade Access Equipment

  • Foundation Evaluations and Repairs

  • Investigations & Assessments

  • Litigation/Claim Support and Expert Testimony

  • Structural Strengthening

  • System Upgrades

  • Scope of Damage from Catastrophic Events

  • Evaluation of Building/Infrastructure/System Failures

  • Building Envelope Defects

  • Natural Disaster Condition Assessments

  • Structural and MEP Defects/Failures

  • Building/Structure Foundation Settlement issues

  • Geo technical System Defects

  • Construction Defect Lawsuits

  • Extent of Damage/Repairs

  • Storm Damage Assessment

  • Complex Property & Liability Losses

  • Construction Defects