About us.

Structuretech is a multi-services structural and civil engineering firm located in Paterson, NJ. Licensed to practice in the states of NJ and NY, we provide comprehensive engineering services to a wide range of projects of every size and complexity. With our excellent technical engineering skills and in-depth knowledge of state-of-the-art design standards, we deliver the most resilient and efficient structures.

What services do we provide?
We provide full professional engineering services that include structural analyses and designs, structural calculations and reports, structural repairs and modifications, building envelope and facade inspections, structural integrity and condition assessments, structural peer reviews, forensic and failure investigations, underpinning and shoring designs, structural lifting/jacking designs, value engineering, expert witness/litigation support, general contractor submittals and preparation of shop drawings, construction inspections, site plan designs, hydrology and hydraulic studies, storm water management designs, construction management, and engineering oversight. In addition to these services, we complete structural and mechanical designs for residential, commercial and industrial building projects. This includes designing buildings from scratch, designing additions/extensions to existing buildings, and renovating existing buildings.

Structuretech and Technology
As technology progresses, so does Struturetech. We use industry-leading technology and software to maximize our contributions to our clients. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of buildings, we use computer-aided design software to create precise calculations. Furthermore, our project engineers work closely with architects on a daily basis to deliver CAD/BIM 3D designs on all kinds of buildings. We work hard to make our clients’ ideas and visions come to life.

Our Team
To ensure the quality of our services and that our team is highly responsive and capable of proactively solving complex design and construction challenges, our team undergoes regular technical and managerial training. Our principals and senior management team continue to stay involved, ensuring that each project is given the attention, time, and resources needed to be successful and to surpass all clients’ expectations.

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