Facade Consulting



From initial concepts to full completion, Structuretech’s facade consulting practice investigates, evaluates, prepares designs solutions, and provides construction administration for exterior building facade components including roofs, walls, windows/glazing, and waterproofing. Our practice draws upon decades of experience in the built environment with some of the world’s tallest and most elaborate structures. We collaborate closely with architects, owners, and developers at all project phases to deliver facade and building envelope systems that address architectural intent, long-term performance, sustainability, scheduling, and budget objectives.


Design Phase Services

Facade Design, Engineering & Analysis throughout Design Phases.

Condensation resistance and Thermal Performance Analysis.

Roofing and Waterproofing Design.

Budget and Estimate Review for Facade Construction.

Construction Phase Services

Construction Administration, Shop Drawings & Submittal Review.

Visual Mock-up (VMU) & Performance Mock-up (PMU).

Quality Assurance Shop Monitoring & Site Inspections.

Special Inspections (NYC DoB/TR-1) & Threshold Inspections (FL).

Due Diligence Review & Assessment of Building Envelope Systems.

Forensic Evaluation, Remedial Investigation & Analysis.

Leak Investigation.

Post Construction Services

High-Rise & Mid-Rise Facade Inspections & Repair/Restoration/Replacement.

Stucco & Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) Evaluations & Repair.

Mid-Rise & Low-Rise Siding Inspections & Repair Replacement.

Roof Inspections & Repair/Replacement.

Water Infiltration Investigation & Remediation.

Balcony & Deck Repair/Restoration/Replacement.

Procurement Phase Services

Bid Review & Negotiations.

Design Assist Process & Design Build Services.

Value Engineering.